Thank you for choosing Sports Therapy Liverpool, it was great to see you!

Immediately after your treatment…
You may feel a little sore after a massage – this will ease off in a day or two.
Drinking plenty of water and light stretching are both recommended after massage.

Exercise rehab…
Rehabilitative exercises are really important! Commit to them, be patient, and things will improve! Some points to note:
Exercises should challenge you, but they shouldn’t be painful. Any discomfort should settle once you have finished.
If your exercises give you any pain, reduce the amount you do, or the weight you use, to manageable levels, and continue. If this doesn’t help, contact me.
If your exercises are not challenging enough, contact me – it’s time to step things up!

What happens next?
Getting back to full fitness doesn’t happen overnight!
If you have come to see me with an injury, I will always follow up with you by email, usually a week after your appointment. If you don’t receive an email, please check your spam folder, or let me know!
The follow up is really important so that I can check on your progress and give advice. Even if you’ve made a complete recovery, it’s great for me to know, and it means I can stop sending you follow up emails!

Returning to play – where rehab meets coaching
Being out of pain doesn’t mean you are ready to return to your sport. In a follow up session I can provide a structured plan to guide you back to sport safely, reducing the risk of re-injury.