It is with a heavy heart to say that today is my last day at the Climbing Hangar Liverpool. As most of you probably know, my work with GB cycling takes me away from the clinic a lot, and this is only due to increase as we move closer to the 2020 Olympics. Regrettably it no longer makes sense for me to keep hold of a premises I work at for barely a week per month. I will still be available for treatments from my flat in Southport – same level of service, same level of dubious banter.

Over time there will likely be some changes to the website, and probably the business name, but these won’t happen any time soon. For now, if you wish to book an appointment IN SOUTHPORT ONLY, please do so in the usual way, by messaging me or online at: I keep my diary up-to-date, so if an appointment is showing as available, it means that it’s available! If you are interested in having a treatment at your place, this may be possible – just let me know.

Two enormous “thank you”s. Firstly to the Climbing Hangar Liverpool, who have been fantastic landlords for the past 6 years. The other “thank you” goes out to every single customer who has visited me here, many of whom have become regular visitors, and some of whom I’m proud to call friends – I fully understand that Southport is not convenient for most of you, but please feel free to keep in touch; as you know I’m happy to chat or email advice if you have any concerns.

To be continued!