Breathe and stop!

Phew! I’ve just about caught my breath. The last few months have been, truth be told, intense. It’s less than a year to go until the 2020 Olympics, and with that (in my role as carer for the Great Britain Cycling Team) comes a lot of preparatory work. Training camps. Track races. More training camps. For me, this all began in earnest in September. That’s three months ago, at the time of writing, and since then I’ve had work trips to Portugal, the Netherlands, Belarus, Scotland and Spain. And we’re talking a fortnight apiece here, not just a day or two! This isn’t really anything new for me, but the increased frequency of the trips have limited my availability (although not my enthusiasm!) for my private clients. As many of you know I decided to leave my place at the Climbing Hangar Liverpool because it no longer made sense to pay a monthly rent for a week’s use, at best. Not to mention the fact that I was in the habit of forcing myself back to the clinic after working 12 days straight with British Cycling, without having any real time off, simply to justify paying rent. I wouldn’t say I was burned out, but I wasn’t far off!

I’m currently enjoying the first real break I’ve had in months, and despite the fact that writing this kind of counts as “work-related”, I’m doing it through enthusiasm rather than obligation. You see, I’ve set up a small (but perfectly formed) clinic at my home in Southport. In many ways I’m back to square one in terms of building a business, as I fully understand that I’m no longer within easy reach of my Liverpool customers. Which is a bit nerve-wracking, but exciting at the same time!

What with the number of trips I have upcoming with the GB cycling team I’ll be available for appointments around two weeks of every month, which is actually pretty good compared to the last three months! And one of the great things about working from home is that I don’t need to limit my opening hours, so if you want a 6am appointment, or an 8pm appointment, or a weekend massage after a race, why not? I can plan my day around that. I’m also making myself open to mobile treatments, in other words a session at your home, for the full elite athlete experience!

In short, keep checking the Facebook page for updates, feel free to follow on Twitter and Instagram, and please forgive the last few months of social media silence – I’m back, recharged and ready to go!