Can I pay by card?
Yes, I use an app called iZettle, which is a card payment system designed for small businesses.

Can I park at the clinic?
There is plenty of on-street parking at the Southport clinic – please do not park in the driveway.

I don’t do sports – can you still treat me?
Of course! A number of my clients suffer from back pain and stiff shoulders caused not by sport, but by hours of office work.

What should I bring?
Guys are generally fine to wear shorts only, so this is mainly for the ladies – the more access I have to the area being treated, the more effective the treatment, but your comfort is my priority. Sports bras often cover the entire upper back, so a normal bra and a loose vest are better to enable you to feel comfortable while I treat you. Shorts that allow easy access to the upper part of the leg are ideal – I can’t massage through leggings or cycling shorts!

Do you treat children?
Please contact me before making a booking for anyone under 18 years of age.

I’m taking painkillers – can I see you?
Please ensure that you have not taken any painkillers on the day of your appointment.

Does treatment hurt?
Deep tissue work can be uncomfortable in order to be effective, so I will always ask for your feedback to ensure that I am working within your comfort zone.

What is dry needling and does it hurt?
Dry needling is a western form of acupuncture, also known as medical acupuncture. It uses the same type of needles, but it is not Traditional Chinese Medicine. The sensation of having the needles inside you ranges from a mild ache to a feeling of heat, but these sensations are short-lived. Most people would agree that needles are much less intense than a deep tissue massage! Don’t worry – I will always discuss whether you wish to have dry needling, and if you don’t that’s absolutely fine!

What can I expect from my session with you?
The three components of a session are assessment to establish the root of your injury, treatment to facilitate healing and take-home exercises to enable you to play an active and effective role in your rehabilitation.

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