Sports TherapySPORTS MASSAGE is recommended for general aches and pains, and fatigue or stiffness caused by sports training or other physical activity. A great sports massage can really help recovery, improve your general wellbeing, and prepare you for competition.

If an INJURY is preventing you from exercising or carrying out your day to day activities, you need more than just a massage. During our session I will ASSESS your injury through consultation and physical examination, select the most appropriate TREATMENT which may include massage, dry needling/medical acupuncture or taping, and provide you with an exercise-based rehabilitation PLAN to help you return to pain-free activity. Complete rest is not proactive, almost never appropriate, and does not fit the approach of my clinic.

Whether your injury is sports related or not I can still help – the following are some of the more common injuries I see in the clinic:

Frozen shoulder, impingement, rotator cuff ruptures, tennis and golfer’s elbow, repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, whiplash, migraines, back pain, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, groin strain, hamstring rupture, IT band friction syndrome, patellofemoral pain, shin splints, runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis, sprained ankle

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